It is the policy of Eforce Recycling to demanufacture obsolete electronic in accordance with federal, state, local, EPA and DEP regulations. Our stringent demanufacturing processes assure our clients with the highest security and environmental standards in the industry.

Upon completion of our recycling process, a certificate of destruction or recycling is issued. These certificates, however, are worthless without proper documentation and destruction. Eforce Recycling maintains a 100% transparency policy related to all material received at our facility and guarantees all procedures are preformed as requested. And our certificates are backed by a $1,000,000 insurance policy.

DOD Wiping

To provide the optimum protection for our clients Eforce has dedicated labs utilizing only the most technologically advanced data erasure procedures in the industry. Our 100% data erasure program meets DOD 5220.22-M multipass standards.

Our commercial erasure stations enable hard drives to be erased either in the system or out of the system. Certificates of erasure and destruction are issued for your compliance records.

Once a drive has been fully erased and passes our inspection process, remarketing may be an option to regain residual value for your system. Utilizing our global trading network, we will derive maximum value from your equipment. If remarketing is not an option, Eforce destruction process will ensure that your drives are properly destroyed.

With the security and reputation of your company at stake, Eforce takes every measure possible to ensure that devices containing sensitive data are properly handled and any data is destroyed.

Hard Drive, Mobile Device, Tablet Data Sanitation and Destruction

The image illustrates the downstream processor end product of the shredded hard drives. This is in compliance with National lnstitute of Standards and Technology NIST SP 800-88 under physical destruction methods: http://nvlpubs. nist. gov/nistpubs/SpecialPublica tionsA{IST. SP. 800-88r I .pdf
eForce Recycling, Inc., an electronics and universal waste recycling company in Philadelphia, is uniquely positioned in the e-waste and universal waste industry. eForce is e- Steward and ISO-14001 certified. Our certifications mandate all aspects of the recycling chain and any stakeholder involved in the process of collecting, transporting, handling and processing of material, with a strong emphasis on environmental safety and data security where all data media is either destroyed or wiped. Hard drives, mobile Devices and tablets are physically destroyed so that all data and software are unrecoverable. We employ the use of an in-house hydraulic shear crusher at 2600 PSI press to provide complete destruction of all resident data on hard drives.

In addition to our destruction process, our downstream processor will provide additional shredding to incineration for precious metal recovery.

If a hard drive, mobile device, or tablet is slated for reuse, our erasing and wiping methods exceed the United States Department of Defense (DOD) standards. Hard drive, mobile device and tablet reuse are a very small percentage of our processing. eForce takes data destruction seriously and our certifications via e-Steward are the gold standard in recycling. A Certificate of Recycling (COR) is issued for all materials recycled through eForce.

The software currently being utilized by eForce is Active Kill Disk Version DOD 5220.22M with the latest modified date. The Active Kill Disk conforms to US DOD 5220.22M.